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Tropical North Atlantic Surface Analysis Image or Loop | NHC Marine Analyses and Forecasts
-- Satellite below from NOAA. Click image to read Tropical Weather Outlook text in separate window.     Copyright, 2018.
Tropical Satellite and Weather Outlook
  Saffir-Simpson Scale
Cat. Pressure
TD -- < 39 --
TS -- 39-73 --
1 980 > 74-95 4-5
2 965-980 96-110 6-8
3 945-965 111-130 9-12
4 920-945 131-155 13-18
5 < 920 155 > 18 >
Additional links here from Intellicast.     More satellite links below.   High Resolution satellite image.       24 hour satellite animated gif image.
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No Atlantic Tropical Storms

Last Update:
1340 EDT   Jul 14, 2024

Thanks for visiting during the 2024 Atlantic Tropical Storm Season.
This site is actively tracking and will automatically update as a storm is named or numbered.

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Tropical Cyclone Model Text Output
From Ohio State -
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Marine Surface Observations Gulf of Mexico Entire Atlantic
Sea Surface Temperature Analyses Daily (Global) Weekly (Atlantic)
Sea Surface Temperature Changes Climate Anomalies Weekly
Ocean Features Analysis Northeast US Southeast US

Satellite Pictures
SITES ImagesMoviesIndex
NRL Monterey GOES 8 - Animated IR gif
NOAA - GOES Imagery - IR Java Applet
Plymouth State College - 800K, 64hr, Atl. MPEG
Unisys Weather - Animated 12 hr IR Gif
University of Wisconsin-Madison N/A - Flash IR

Frequently Used Links
Tropical Prediction Center /
National Hurricane Center
Homebase for all Official Storm Forecasts
Unisys' Tropical Weather Data AVN Forecasts, Satellite, Detailed Archives
Atlantic Tropical Weather Center Links to Satellite, Radar, Text - 6 pages
Tropical Cyclones Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) From Chris Landsea (NOAA/HRD)
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Storm Archives
2024 Tropical Cyclone Summaries and Names - Added After Dissipation
Alberto Beryl Chris Debby Ernesto
Francine Gordon Helene Isaac Joyce
Kirk Leslie Milton Nadine Oscar
Patty Rafael Sara Tony Valerie / William
Click here for the Tropical Storm Archives from 2023 thru 1997.

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